Welcome to the Coughlin & Gerhart
Race For Justice 5k Run/Walk
To Benefit The Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York

“In New York State, the vast majority of low-income people do not receive representation for their civil legal problems. Your participation brings us one step closer to bridging the justice gap.”

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Race Results

Thank you for participating in the 2019 Coughlin & Gerhart Race for Justice 5k Run/Walk to Benefit Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York, Inc.  We hope you had a great time! Below are the 2019 Race results… photos to come.
See you next year!

Overall Report
PlaceBibNameTimeGenderAgeDivisionAge Rank
1295Joshua Johnson00:20:39.0M38Run1st RUN Male
2230Lars Mead00:21:25.3M48Run2nd RUN Male
3296Tim Johnson00:22:28.3M64Run3rd RUN Male
4231Elizabeth Miller00:23:37.4F19Run1st RUN Female
5232Patrick Miller00:23:38.4M54Run1st Male 50-59
6300Louis Orbach00:24:13.9M50Run2nd Male 50-59
7222Brad Gross00:24:15.8M36Run1st Male 30-39
8201Shane Armstrong00:24:20.2F39Run2nd RUN Female
9260Gian Roma00:25:17.5M57Run3rd Male 50-59
10242Dan Salamida00:25:20.4M52Run4th Male 50-59
11234Rachel Parsons00:25:24.2F42Run3rd RUN Female
12267Tucker Canine00:25:24.5M99Canine1st CANINE Male
13235Larry Pease00:25:45.8M65Run1st Male 60-69
14216Andrew Eastham00:26:34.5M32Run2nd Male 30-39
15217Matt Evans00:27:15.7M33Run3rd Male 30-39
16261Darin Schmitt00:27:19.2M46Run1st Male 40-49
17278Dilon Dickerson00:28:05.0M24Run1st Male 20-29
18220Keith Gorgos00:28:24.6M35Run4th Male 30-39
19218Morgan Finch00:28:55.0F23Run1st Female 20-29
20206Brendan Bertoli00:29:01.8M31Run5th Male 30-39
21223Maureen Hawley00:29:03.3F58Run1st Female 50-59
22204Lydia Bartlett00:29:21.4F26Run2nd Female 20-29
23298Mark Mushalla00:30:32.8M60Run2nd Male 60-69
24293Russell Payne00:31:23.6M29Run2nd Male 20-29
25262Steve Wagner00:31:23.6M29Run3rd Male 20-29
26277Ravinda Chinnam00:31:28.9M25Run4th Male 20-29
27221Mark Gorgos00:31:31.6M63Run3rd Male 60-69
28247Barb Utter00:31:36.2F64Run1st Female 60-69
29258Max Stashko00:32:09.9M12Run1st Male 10-19
30219Cindy Gorgos00:32:18.6F61Run2nd Female 60-69
31257Axie Roma00:32:57.9F49Run1st Female 40-49
32269Brenna Canine00:33:13.9F99Canine1st CANINE Female
33253David Weber00:33:18.9M49Run2nd Male 40-49
34265Mikayla DeGraw00:34:57.2F29Run3rd Female 20-29
35259Alli Roma00:35:05.1F23Run4th Female 20-29
36271Ann Teng00:35:17.5F39Run1st Female 30-39
37205Charity Bensley00:36:31.5F42Run2nd Female 40-49
38254kerry Weber00:36:36.7F45Run3rd Female 40-49
39290Andrea Litwak00:39:12.0F38Run2nd Female 30-39
40291Roxxi Litwak00:39:13.2F38Canine2nd CANINE Female
41297Kathryn Gitto00:40:03.6F59Run2nd Female 50-59
42237Ray Recchia00:40:23.6M53Run5th Male 50-59
43243Ella Sturek00:41:10.0F5Run1st Female 9 and under
44245Katie Sturek00:41:14.0F37Run3rd Female 30-39
45238Samantha Reid00:42:26.9F26Walk1st WALK Female
46239Brian Restano00:42:30.1M31Walk1st WALK Male
47236Veronica Ramirez00:42:30.4F29Walk2nd WALK Female
48244Justin Sturek00:42:32.5M39Run6th Male 30-39
49240Andrew Rothermel00:43:44.2M5Run1st Male 9 and under
50241Jon Rothermel00:43:44.3M36Run7th Male 30-39
51252Shaun VanVleck00:44:07.3M37Walk2nd WALK Male
52256Jennifer Woltjen00:44:58.6F62Run3rd Female 60-69
53224Jan Kasten00:45:00.2F60Run4th Female 60-69
54294Marcus Dickerson00:45:11.0M21Run5th Male 20-29
55280Karen Dickerson00:45:12.5F56Run3rd Female 50-59
56249Erin VanVleck00:47:52.3F29Walk3rd WALK Female
57281Todd Leppert00:47:52.4M56Walk3rd WALK Male
58248Gemma Valentino00:49:20.3F6Walk1st Female 9 and under
59229Ronitta McPherson00:49:24.0F52Walk1st Female 50-59
60228John McPherson00:49:24.0M57Walk1st Male 50-59
61202Christopher Baker00:49:25.5M50Run6th Male 50-59
62226Mark Masler00:49:27.2M59Walk2nd Male 50-59
63208Brian Blaise00:49:28.1M13Walk1st Male 10-19
64210Oliver Blaise00:49:28.3M47Walk1st Male 40-49
65250Lucinda VanVleck00:51:42.1F67Walk1st Female 60-69
66211karen Brown00:57:31.6F63Walk2nd Female 60-69
67212Debra Cohn00:57:32.8F56Walk2nd Female 50-59
Canine Finishers
PlaceNameTimePaceGenderAge Rank
1Tucker Canine00:25:24.500:08:12.0M1st CANINE Male
2Brenna Canine00:33:13.900:10:43.0F1st CANINE Female
3Roxxi Litwak00:39:13.200:12:39.0F2nd CANINE Female
Team Report for Division: RUN
PlaceTeam TimeTeam NameTotal AthletesTimeBibTeam Member
00:32:18.6219Cindy Gorgos
00:28:24.6220Keith Gorgos
00:31:31.6221Mark Gorgos
00:21:25.3230Lars Mead
00:33:18.9253David Weber
00:36:36.7254kerry Weber
00:25:17.5260Gian Roma
00:27:19.2261Darin Schmitt
00:32:57.9257Axie Roma
00:32:09.9258Max Stashko
00:35:05.1259Alli Roma
00:31:23.6262Steve Wagner
00:34:57.2265Mikayla DeGraw
00:35:17.5271Ann Teng
00:31:23.6293Russell Payne
00:31:28.9277Ravinda Chinnam
00:28:05.0278Dilon Dickerson
00:45:12.5280Karen Dickerson
00:45:11.0294Marcus Dickerson
Team Report for Division: WALK
PlaceTeam TimeTeam NameTotal AthletesTimeBibTeam Members
00:49:28.1208Brian Blaise
00:49:28.3210Oliver Blaise
00:49:24.0228John McPherson
00:49:24.0229Ronitta McPherson
00:42:30.4236Veronica Ramirez
00:42:30.1239Brian Restano
00:49:20.3248Gemma Valentino
00:47:52.3249Erin VanVleck
00:51:42.1250Lucinda VanVleck
00:44:07.3252Shaun VanVleck
00:47:52.4281Todd Leppert
Age Group Report
RUN Top Males Overall based on Gun Elapsed time
1295Joshua Johnson00:20:39.0M38
2230Lars Mead00:21:25.3M48
3296Tim Johnson00:22:28.3M64
RUN Top Females Overall based on Gun Elapsed time
1231Elizabeth Miller00:23:37.4F19
2201Shane Armstrong00:24:20.2F39
3234Rachel Parsons00:25:24.2F42
RUN Age Group Results for Male 9 and under based on Gun Elapsed time
1240Andrew Rothermel00:43:44.2M5
RUN Age Group Results for Male 10-19 based on Gun Elapsed time
1258Max Stashko00:32:09.9M12
2208Brian Blaise00:49:28.1M13
RUN Age Group Results for Male 20-29 based on Gun Elapsed time
1278Dilon Dickerson00:28:05.0M24
2293Russell Payne00:31:23.6M29
3262Steve Wagner00:31:23.6M29
4277Ravinda Chinnam00:31:28.9M25
5294Marcus Dickerson00:45:11.0M21
RUN Age Group Results for Male 30-39 based on Gun Elapsed time
1222Brad Gross00:24:15.8M36
2216Andrew Eastham00:26:34.5M32
3217Matt Evans00:27:15.7M33
4220Keith Gorgos00:28:24.6M35
5206Brendan Bertoli00:29:01.8M31
6239Brian Restano00:42:30.1M31
7244Justin Sturek00:42:32.5M39
8241Jon Rothermel00:43:44.3M36
9252Shaun VanVleck00:44:07.3M37
RUN Age Group Results for Male 40-49 based on Gun Elapsed time
1261Darin Schmitt00:27:19.2M46
2253David Weber00:33:18.9M49
3210Oliver Blaise00:49:28.3M47
RUN Age Group Results for Male 50-59 based on Gun Elapsed time
1232Patrick Miller00:23:38.4M54
2300Louis Orbach00:24:13.9M50
3260Gian Roma00:25:17.5M57
4242Dan Salamida00:25:20.4M52
5237Ray Recchia00:40:23.6M53
6281Todd Leppert00:47:52.4M56
7228John McPherson00:49:24.0M57
8202Christopher Baker00:49:25.5M50
9226Mark Masler00:49:27.2M59
RUN Age Group Results for Male 60-69 based on Gun Elapsed time
1235Larry Pease00:25:45.8M65
2298Mark Mushalla00:30:32.8M60
3221Mark Gorgos00:31:31.6M63
RUN Age Group Results for Female 9 and under based on Gun Elapsed time
1243Ella Sturek00:41:10.0F5
2248Gemma Valentino00:49:20.3F6
RUN Age Group Results for Female 20-29 based on Gun Elapsed time
1218Morgan Finch00:28:55.0F23
2204Lydia Bartlett00:29:21.4F26
3265Mikayla DeGraw00:34:57.2F29
4259Alli Roma00:35:05.1F23
5238Samantha Reid00:42:26.9F26
6236Veronica Ramirez00:42:30.4F29
7249Erin VanVleck00:47:52.3F29
RUN Age Group Results for Female 30-39 based on Gun Elapsed time
1271Ann Teng00:35:17.5F39
2290Andrea Litwak00:39:12.0F38
3291Roxxi Litwak00:39:13.2F38
4245Katie Sturek00:41:14.0F37
RUN Age Group Results for Female 40-49 based on Gun Elapsed time
1257Axie Roma00:32:57.9F49
2205Charity Bensley00:36:31.5F42
3254Kerry Weber00:36:36.7F45
RUN Age Group Results for Female 50-59 based on Gun Elapsed time
1223Maureen Hawley00:29:03.3F58
2297Kathryn Gitto00:40:03.6F59
3280Karen Dickerson00:45:12.5F56
4229Ronitta McPherson00:49:24.0F52
5212Debra Cohn00:57:32.8F56
RUN Age Group Results for Female 60-69 based on Gun Elapsed time
1247Barb Utter00:31:36.2F64
2219Cindy Gorgos00:32:18.6F61
3256Jennifer Woltjen00:44:58.6F62
4224Jan Kasten00:45:00.2F60
5250Lucinda VanVleck00:51:42.1F67
6211Karen Brown00:57:31.6F63
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Race Information

Race kicks off from Court St. Bridge/Peacemaker Stage in Downtown Binghamton. Teams compete for the Highly Coveted Justice Cup. First, Second and Third place awards to Men’s and Women’s Winners of the 5K Run and First in ten-year age groups. The Justice Cup will be awarded to the fastest averaged team.

NEW in 2019 canine competition!
Award to the fastest Male and Female four-legged friend.

$25 Per Individual Registration
$10 Canine Registration (special gift for registered dogs!)
$20 per person for Teams of (Min 4 – Max 7)

Sponsorship Available at the $150, $300 & $500 Levels

Packet Pickup & In Person Registration
Saturday October 5th at Galaxy Brewing Co. from 5-7 p.m.
or Sunday October 6th at Peacemaker Stage 
10-10:45 a.m.

USA Track & Field Certified Race Course
Chip Timing by 
Gazelle Race Timing 

Water Station at Rec Park

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